Add On Features

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Adding options to your new pool can be almost as much fun as making decisions about size and shape. Whether your pool is gunite or one-piece fiberglass, Anderson Bros. are specialists at custom creations. Check out some of these possibilities:

Spill-Over Spa

Here is a spill-over spa that can be added to your gunite or fiberglass pool..the ultimate in stress-relief and all a part of your new pool.

Swimming Pool by Night

There are lots of ways to enhance the night-time enjoyment of your new swimming pool. Whether you choose one-piece fiberglass or gunite….whether you choose underwater lighting or perimeter lighting (or both) ask Anderson Bros. about the possibilities.

Automatic Cleaners

There are dozens of types of automatic cleaners…..but it is our most popular option. Let us help you choose the right cleaner for your type, size and shape of pool and we’ll make sure that maintenance of your pool is absolutely minimal.

Custom Decking

Custom Decking is what can make a pool really standout….after all, its the part that all of your guests will see most of the time. Whether you choose brushed or colored concrete, brick or slate, or any of a number of other options, Anderson Bros are the folks who know what to do and how to make it last here in Southeast Michigan.

Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls come in all sizes and shapes for every type of pool. Nothing beats the soothing sounds of splashing water and now your backyard can become an even more exciting poolscape.


Automated controls for pools and spas are the fastest growing option at Anderson Bros. Automating your pool and spa, run-time and operating schedules are as simple as touching the keypad.
Salt Chlorine Generators eliminate daily water maintenance, resulting in crystal clear water!