How much does an in-ground pool cost?
The answer is entirely up to you because we have sold in-ground do-it-yourself kits for less than $5000 but have also built custom in-ground gunite escapes that cost as much as $800,000 (including the addition to the home). The answer is: We can build whatever you want and we have been doing that for Southeast Michigan homeowners for over 40 years. We do it better than anyone else.
Are pools a lot of work to take care of?
The answer is….not anymore. A host of new innovations during the past twenty years have pretty much taken all of the work out of pool ownership. From automatic cleaners and automatic covers to digital controls that monitor everything, the amount of automation you choose is whatever is right for you.
Is a pool dangerous for my small children?
Obviously, this answer requires a certain amount of common sense on the part of the homeowner but….here again, technical advances in the recent past have made pools safer than ever. From electronic monitoring systems, special fencing options and even automated covers, pools today can be safer than ever before.
Does it cost a lot to run a pool?
The cost per day is dependent on a lot of variables…. from the average temperature that you prefer to backyard wind conditions to the type of heater you have. The easy answer is that pools cost a lot less, per usable day, than most boats, motorhomes and similar types of family recreational options. Think about it…the pool is there to be used by the family, every day, all summer, even when the breadwinner is at the office. Can you do that with a boat?

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